November 9th – Groundhog Day

I remember crawling out of bed at some point on November 9th, slowly emerging from my bedroom. Shook to my core.  What now?  No, really, what now? There were lots of reasons why I was thinking this, but the real one, the main one was healthcare.  What Now?

Stop over reacting, people said.  That was campaign rhetoric, people said.  They can’t do everything they said they’d do, people said.  They won’t be that bad, they said.  They’re humans too.

They Said!

So I marched.  I called.  I emailed.  I tweeted.  I showed up.  But they did it.  It is really that bad.  First the House, and my traitorous, letch of a Representative signing a Yea in support of the HRCA.  Now its the gang of 13 and the anti-woman, anti-anyone who’s not party of the 1% bill that is far worse than I could have imagined.  Oh, I guess I imagined that it would be bad, but somehow, I had hoped that the Senators, under the traitor McConnell, would be more humane.  More understanding.  Have more empathy.  But no, it is not just as bad as HRCA, it’s worse.  The spiffy new name, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, doesn’t hide that it’s a  toxic piece of legislation that is designed to hurt far more than the glow the extreme tax credits provide to the millionaires and billionaires who pump $ into their campaign funds.

What Now?

I keep calling.  I keep tweeting.  I keep emailing and showing up.  Each minute feeling a little more defeated knowing that there are “leaders” who think this bill is actually good for the US, or even worse, that it doesn’t go far enough to strip back Medicaid’s growth.  Feeling that the extreme inequities that exist are only going to continue while insurance company CEOs cash paychecks with golden handcuff provisions that are so heavy Rocky Balboa himself couldn’t lift them.

What Now?

This IS about the 20+Million who will be directly impacted by these Bills becoming law.  This IS also about me – my own personal microcosm of healthcare.  And this N of 1 is fuming. And is petrified about what now.  About what next.  How will my 48 year old self afford the ballooning premiums and deductibles and copayments and prescriptions that are inevitable if these bills become law.  “They” say it won’t be that bad, but it was this bad before the ACA and these Bills give insurance companies a green light to do everything they were doing before, and more.  I’m feeling helpless. I’m feeling more than a little nervous.  More than a little scared.

What Now?

I’ll figure it all out – somehow.  But NOW – I write.  I CALL!  I TWEET!  I EMAIL!  I SHOW UP!








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