Falling into place

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write, time slips by I guess.  All in all, Fall has been a good season for me.  I helped plan and survived my 30th high school reunion (aside from drinking too much the night of …).  I’m still finding it so hard to deal with everything that is going on in the political landscape – I feel like the call to action that was ushered in immediately after the election continues to be tried on such an every day basis that its exhausting at times.  I feel so saturated with all the negative news, but at the same time, can’t be away from it for very long either (fomo – is that a thing for the news?).  Regardless, the battles are tiring and trying and the feeling of hopeless ness never seem to be too far away – you too?  How are you dealing with it???

On another note, I FINALLY saw my psychiatrist 10 days ago….this was the rescheduled appointment after she cancelled on me (having to wait 2 months after waiting 3 months for an appointment isn’t exactly my idea of access, but hey…). I talked to her about my sleep issues and the subsequent need/want to nap in the afternoons.  She thinks that it may be time to lower my afternoon dosages to help with this.  I’m waiting for her to review some lab results and to call me, so I’m in a holding pattern for the next little while .  I had been taking Aleeve PM at night to sleep which she told me to stop doing – she offered to write me a script for a sleep med which I declined (I don’t want something ELSE!) – but I am taking melatonin and trying to meditate before sleep each night which is also helping.  There really isn’t ever just one thing that works with depression, is there?  Because there are so many ways that D can manifest itself, I guess it makes sense that there are also multiple tools to use to help manage it.  I’m just glad that things are continuing to be good – not perfect – but good with my life.  I’m staying tuned into the little things, trying to be more “present” and focusing on what is good for and in my life.  And making decisions that will reinforce the good.


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