So This is the New Year

Another song lyric (Thank you  Deathcab for Cutie) to start off the year.  I feel like I’m getting caught up on kicking off the new year just now.  Maybe because it’s my birthday week and that always makes me think of what the journey around the sun is going to be like.  I think it is particularly true this year.  I feel as if I’ve started actual 2018 off pretty well – have been connecting with friends, reaffirmed my commitment to a healthier me (actually logging my food/drink intake and exercising + yoga).  I’m happy with the start thus far, now the focus on keeping it all going, which for some reason, this year feels different – like I mean it all more.  I’m not sure why, but I’m really glad for it.

I’ve also been looking ahead a little more in 2018 — I’m breaking the year into quarters on a personal level.  I’m making goals for each quarter as it begins and I think that each of those smaller goals will add up to bigger, more positive changes which I’ve needed to make.  I also think that “chunking” it like this is a way of fooling myself into not thinking the BIG goals are all that big, that its all manageable.  For example, by the end of Q1 I want to get my mile time down to 14 minutes/per…  Do you have any tricks for keeping on top of these promises you make with yourself? I’m also putting rewards in each bucket – Q1 comes a little early, but I booked a trip to go see my sister for a few days.  I like having something like this to look forward to and it is definitely motivating me to stay on track as I think of it as a reward.

I’m also really happy with one of the little tweaks that my psych has made in my dosing regimen.  We lowered the dosage of the latuda and it has made a huge difference.  I’m not dragging in the afternoons anymore, I’m sleeping better and still experiencing positive aspects in the other depression zones (I’m able to focus, complete tasks, not moody, etc.). All of this has me starting both 2018 and MY new year on a positive note.  I hope that this is the same for you too.

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