(the important stuff!)  I am not an MD, nurse, counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist and nothing I post on this site should be taken as medical advice.  I’m just a woman living with depression sharing, her experiences.  Please contact your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional if you are seeking medical help with your depression.

If you are thinking about suicide – please call 1.800.273-8255

More about me: (blah blah blah)I live in Southern California, just outside of LA.  I’m a native Angeleno and fiercely loyal to the UCLA Bruins and the Dodgers.  If pressed, I follow the OKC Thunder in the NBA and the New Orleans Saints in pro-football.

For the record:

  • East coast Pizza over anywhere else in the US – it IS that good
  • In-N-out over 5 guys and shake shack
  • Glass is always half full
  • Sea glass over sea shells
  • Old school monopoly and scrabble vs. words with friends or just about anything on a phone.
  • West Coast over East Coast Rap (exception – Beastie Boys)
  • College over Pro sports any day

I’m a music fanatic, rarely go to the movies, love Netflix & Game of Thrones.  I’m an apple geek.  I have a degree in sarcasm.

Family: I have one sister and one brother (there’s another one there somewhere but he’s outta the picture).  My parents are only a mile or so away, so I see them often and am helping them as they age and deal with their own sets of health issues.

I’m single (Mr. Right is taking is G-D time finding me!), but I have two amazing pups who might as well be my kids.


Cadie (Kay-Dee) is a Golden Retriever and is 12.  I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old and am in denial that her days are limited.  Her favorite thing in life is a tennis ball.  She is too sweet for words and would have been better named Velcro as she loves to be around people.


Hudson looking cool

Hudson is a lab mix and is 6 but acts more like a 6 month old pup most days.  He’s super loving, pretty smart, listens when he wants to (or when a treat is involved) and also is obsessed with any ball that can be thrown and retrieved.



I swear like a sailor, but will try to keep it as PG on here as I can.  I’m a tree-hugging liberal, but  will keep politics out of it, unless there’s an issue being debated in Government that would impact healthcare and in particular mental health care.  I work and volunteer with several companies helping with marketing strategies and have a passion for working with a wonderful non-profit organization called Children with Diabetes.  If you have diabetes, please check them out – its an amazing organization and not “just for kids”.

I like to walk and hike and am getting back into yoga.  I’ve started lifting weights but can’t say that I like it yet.  Last, certainly not least, I’m adopted and I have no contact or knowledge of my birth parents.  I’m grateful for them bringing me into this world (cannot imagine what it’s like to make the incredibly difficult decision to give a baby up for adoption),  but my parents are my parents. The point of this is, I don’t know what genetic mosaic contributes to my situation, or if it does at all.

Enough for now, koko