Sometimes I may speak my own language – here’s a dictionary to a few Debisms

KOKO – keep on keeping on

TYIA – thank you in advance

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary – no one’s experience with Depression is the same, so your Mileage May Vary!  Stolen from an awesome person and someone I greatly admire, Bennet Dunlap.  His blog was one of the first I discovered when learning about the online communities for diabetes and it is his sign off. (For more on Bennet, see here or here.  He is a great guy!

Brain Zaps – the completely un-clinical term I use to describe the bizarre sensation that feels like electrical circuits are being re-wired in my brain.  A super fun(sarcasm) side effect of withdrawing from certain SNRI’s (for me its been with  Cymbalta and Ability)